Local elections bring mixed returns for marijuana advocates

Tell CA Assembly: No Taxation of Medical-Only Marijuana
May 8, 2014

“June 8 – Advocates of liberalized medical marijuana rules fared poorly in local elections last night.

The one bright spot was Nevada County, where voters rejected a proposed ban on outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana, Measure W by 58%.

In contrast, Butte County voters approved a pair of restrictive ordinances, Measure G (“Right to Farm” repeal) by 59.5% and Measure H (Restrictions on Cultivation) by 58.4%

Siskiyou County voters likewise approved a pair of anti-marijuana measures, Measure T (code enforcement) by 63.6% and Measure U (12 plant limit) by 62.4% (amid charges of voter intimidation against the county’s Hmuong minority).”

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